Raintree RV Resort Activities

Raintree is proud to have a full-time activities director on staff. This allows us to have a wide variety of offerings, both daily and special.

Our daily events occur on the same day every week, while our special events are sporadically placed throughout the months, giving you something special to add to your to-do list.

Take a look at our current and past calendars below! 

For entertainment bookings, inquiries, or any additional information regarding activities at Raintree, please contact Ginny McNabb, Activities Director.


A little side note about upcoming activities...

As the world learns to navigate this "new normal" during the COVID-19 pandemic, activities for the '20-'21 season will look a little different than in the past. 

Accommodations have been made to continue most regularly scheduled activities outside (with social distancing, of course). Raintree has provided a large tent and a new large concrete patio, meaning no activities will be held inside the buildings until conditions warrant them.

The health and well being of our Raintree family is of utmost importance. We are hopeful to one day soon get back to normal, but until then we will make every effort to continue activities outside. 


'20-'21 Calendars

Current and upcoming activities

November 2020 Daily Activities

November 2020 Special Activities

December 2020 Daily Activities

December 2020 Special Activities


Archived Calendars

Take a look at past park activities!

February 2020 Daily Activities

February 2020 Special Activities

March 2020 Daily Activities

March 2020 Special Activities


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