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Ode To Raintree 2021 by Judy Lashley

"Ah, Raintree, it was great to be here

In spite of the fact it was one crazy year!

COVID was stalking us and did take some down

But we Seniors are a feisty bunch and were quick to rebound.

'Did you get your shot yet?' was our greeting each day.

Some got it quickly while others were delayed.

Quarantine, masks, social distancing aren't fun

But it's ok in Florida 'cause we're soaking up sun!

Something strange happened at Raintree that made us so sad.

No Canadians could come, which was really too bad.

'You can't cross our border,' was the government's decree

So good friends couldn't enter the Land of the Free.

We've missed their smiles and the joy that they bring,

But we'll see them next season.

To that hope we'll cling.

Now back home up North they had cold, snow, and ice.

But sitting on the beach we sure had it nice!

Ginny and the Paddacks certainly deserve our praise.

Their top-notch entertainment helped fill our days.

A barbecue picnic and freebies galore!

We couldn't have asked for anything more.

We thank you so much. Here's a tip of the hat!

Raintree is the best! Now that's a known fact.

So today we gather together for one last time.

My poem is ending 'cause I've run out of rhyme!

So adios, sayonara, goodbye, my dear friends.

Until next season at Raintree where the fun never ends!"

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